AMEREQ, INC.  is a leading U.S.-based developer of crosslinked polymer applications and marketer of environmentally compatible agricultural superabsorbent hydrogels, plant nutrients, structural soils, anionic linear PAM, and Plantaflor® sphagnum peat moss and substrates.

Since 1979, AMEREQ's formulated products have been widely and successfully used in agricultural, horticultural, landscaping and hydro seeding applications to reduce watering frequency, increase plant survival rates, and improve overall plant establishment.

AMEREQ organized its “AMEREQ Consulting Group” in 1991, to assist companies needing research, commercial development and marketing of specialty foreign products and technologies seeking to establish a business in the United States...

In February 1999, AMEREQ signed a comprehensive exclusive licensing agreement with Cornell University’s Research Foundation and now holds the sole patent rights to Cornell’s CU-Soil™ Urban Tree Planting Mix (U.S. patent # 5,849,069). Marketed as CU-Structural Soil®, CU-Soil™ is produced by a network of highly qualified AMEREQ-licensed companies throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Trademarks of AMEREQ or products marketed by AMEREQ include:
Gelscape®, CU-Structural Soil®, Gelscape® Hydrogel Tackifier, Planta-gel®, Agri-gel®, Biozone™, Aquatrant™, AMEREQ ROOT-DIP™, and AMEREQ™.

AMEREQ, Inc. has its headquarters in New City, NY, and operates from locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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