Gelscape® For Professionals




Gelcape® For Consumers

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Gelscape® Consumer

Gelscape® releases moisture to the soil and plants as they need it, before dryout or wilt.

Gelscape® Professional

Gelscape® Professional is an easy-to-use granular polymer, specifically designed for turf and landscape applications. 


Planta-gel® is a granular, organic, superabsorbent horticultural hydrogel designed to increase the water holding capacity, drainage, and aeration of soils, sand, soilless, and synthetic growing media.


Root-Dip®, in its homogeneous, granular form absorbs up to 500 times its own weight in water, expanding into individual water-laden reservoirs that will cling to seedling roots.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Nina Bassuk, Cornell University.


Agri-gel® is a special, organic, superabsorbent hydrogel formulation designed for transplant applications in fruits and vegetables.


Biozone™ is a specially developed polymer designed to increase cation exchange capacity in soils. More information coming soon.