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Root-Dip® in its homogenous, granular form absorbs up to 400 times its own weight in water, expanding into individual water-laden reservoirs that will cling to seedling roots.

Applications of Root-Dip®

A major factor in field survival of bare-root seedlings is the proper treatment and handling of seedling roots prior to planting them.  Root-Dip® will keep the roots in a moist condition, and will prevent root "dry-out" during storage and shipping.

Root-Dip® is designed to provide bare-root seedlings with a safe, non-phytotoxic treatment that will be of benefit all the way to planting.  Because of its synthetic nature, the possibility of mold or fungus is eliminated, resolving the problems caused by starch-based or or natural materials.

Unlike clay or other media, Root-Dip® is practically dust free.  When roots are treated with Root-Dip® there is no messy run off.  It is a clean operation.

How To Use Root-Dip®

  1. Root-Dip® is easy to use.  There is no need for special equipment to produce the dip slurry.  Just add the correct amount of water, wait for it to hydrate, and your Root-Dip® treatment is ready.  Root-Dip® takes 15-30 minutes to hydrate.
  2. Spray the bare-root seedlings with Root-Dip®.  The tiny water-laden gel particles will cling to the seedling roots and will replenish moisture to the roots during storage and shipping.

NOTE: If spraying is not your chosen method of root-dipping, you can easily use your existing method to apply Root-Dip® slurry to your seedlings.  For example, dip the bare roots into the container of hydrated Root-Dip®, slowly remove at an angle to allow the gel to adhere to the roots, and then plant.

Rate Of Application

Use 3 lbs. of Root-Dip® per 100 gallons of water.  You can easily adjust the viscosity of Root-Dip® up or down to fit your special needs by adding small amounts of product or water to your slurry.