Gelscape® For Professionals




Gelcape® For Consumers

Upon watering, Gelscape® crystals mixed in soil capture free water and expand up to 400 times their original size, forming gel-like chunks that act as "underground water reservoirs" in and around the root zone, releasing moisture to the soil and plants as they need it, before dryout or wilt.

Gelscape® is available in 1 lb. boxes and 30 x 1 lb. cartons.

Product Features

  • Protects plants against water stress damage caused by too much or too little water -
        major causes of plant loss.
  • Releases water while you're away, allowing for better survival.
  • With Gelscape®, your plants will need less frequent waterings.
  • Helps in the quick establishment of trees and shrubs.
  • Encourages quicker grass seed germination.
  • Gelscape® is environmentally safe and fun to use.
  • For Homeowners & Gardeners

  • Gelscape® is to be mixed or incorporated into any type of soil or soilless mix (such as peat).
  • To obtain the full benefits from Gelscape®  you have to first activate the crystals by thoroughly watering the soil mix to which you have added the Gelscape®.  This will make the crystals swell into "gel chunks."
  • By using Gelscape®whenever you plant, you can reduce watering frequency and protect your plants against water stress damage.

    To measure the correct amount of Gelscape® to use, we have included a measuring scoop that can hold approximately one (1) oz. of Gelscape®.   1 oz. is equivalent to 3 tablespoons or 9 teaspoons.

  • Product Properties

  • Non-toxic (FHSA Std); 7 - 7.5 pH; non-phytotoxic.
  • Small coated, free flowing crystal.
  • Dustless; disperses evenly in liquids; no lumping.
  • More than 95% of absorbed liquid is released to the soil or plants, as
  • Order Product

  • PRICE: $12.00 + $7.50 S&H
  • To order a 1 lb. box of Gelscape®, please send check or money order in the amount of $19.50, payable to:

    19 Squadron Blvd.
    New City, NY 10956